THREE moves in FIVE months and almost SIX years in the real estate business and I FINALLY figured out my WHY!

The Two Most Important Days of Your Life...


In the past five months, I moved THREE times.  The first time was the result of a sewage explosion.  EVERYTHING that was in the toilets (plural, six to be exact) of the multi-family home I was living in, ended up in MY apartment.  I actually came home at 10pm on Friday night to find my cat swimming in several inches of feces-invested water.  Thousands of dollars of my personal belongings (including almost all my shoes and my luggage were ruined.)   Luckily, I have renter's insurance and thankfully I have three years to file a claim because the sewage removal company, that came within twelve hours forced me to get rid of almost everything immediately so I need to carve out time to itemize my losses and get whatever percentage the insurance company is willing to pay me . Thankfully, I was the listing agent for an apartment in the actual building that I was living in and used my real estate expertise to negotiate a good price for the apartment a flexible move-in-date and did not have to move very far. Thankfully, the guy I was dating was very handy and was able to fix some electrical issues, plumbing concerns and rallied up some friends to move me a few weeks later to move all my stuff.  I was even blessed enough to have some surprise movers that helped me unpack, organize and begin to decorate a large percentage of my apartment.  Despite the reason behind the move, I would have to say moving day, was by far one of the most memorable days of my life because it was such a team effort and everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves in my new home.

The second move was because I fell in love.  I found the person that I thought I wanted to spend the rest of my life with.  I did what most people would have done when the round-trip commute is ninety miles, I picked up my life and my business to be closer to that person.  Since, I sell real estate, this did not just mean relocating to a different office (which graciously welcomed me with open arms and is still a very special part of my life), this did not just mean relocating to a different living space (which was in the process of being expanded), this involved A LOT more! This meant learning a new real-estate market (both the inventory as well as the etiquette), training people to support me in the successful business that I created and valued tremendously in my almost six years in Queens with Exit Kingdom Realty as well as training people to support me and getting an incredible amount of support in Suffolk County with the business I was growing with Exit Realty Achieve. This meant learning to live with a new person and their unique habits and their unique lifestyle, learning to live with his parents upstairs, learning to live in small quarters while we waited for the refinance on their home to finish so that we could begin building the home of "our" dreams; an extension off the home that he lived in more twenty years with his family.  This meant transitioning our cats together and finding out after several weeks that my cat, Princess Fiona who had lived with me for almost ten years needed to find a temporary home (until the extension was finished, which was taking A LOT longer than what we anticipated) because she was not transitioning well with his cats.  This meant finding a new gym to train for my triathlon, making new friends in the area, finding new places to do all my routines like food shopping, banking, manicures, pharmacies, doctors appointments, grabbing lunch, enjoying dinners, etc. For me this also meant making payments on a home that I barely saw and basically used as storage because my "new home" was not ready for all my stuff. Therefore, I was in a constant state of transition; changing winter clothes to summer clothes, figuring out what I needed where and what I could live without or maybe did not need for a few weeks.  Therefore physically, emotionally and financially, I was never really settled or at peace.

The third move was on Mother's Day, when I finally accepted, that I was never going to be completely happy in my "new home." I realized that I lost my happiness because I chose to settle for what I thought I needed versus what I wanted.  I set goals for myself including becoming a homeowner and decorating a space that I was proud to come home to and that I could decorate and customize; starting a family in the future with someone who loved me unconditionally and who I could easily communicate with; training for my first triathlon with an amazingly committed and energetic team, Queensboro Tri ; spending quality time with family and friends, traveling to exciting places and buying gifts and cards for people I care about.  I changed this goals when I met that person that I thought I wanted to spend the rest of my life with because I thought I needed to instead of asking him to compromise on some of his goals.  I then spent several weeks watching as my happiness began to disappear until finally on Mother's Day, I was willing to accept that I owned my happiness.  I had an amazing journey and learning experience with a fabulous person but it was time for me transition back home.  

On Mother's Day of this year, with my a foot that was healing from a break only a few weeks prior and a heart that was broken from the happiness that I had been "giving away", I put one foot in front of the other so that I could recreate MY happiness, in my happy place in my home and after THREE moves in FIVE months after not moving for almost SIX years, I FINALLY figured out WHY I do what I do what I do and I love it! 

I am NOT just an ordinary real estate agent, I am extraordinary one! I am in the business of helping people relocate and reorganize their physical and their psychological furniture.  I am in the business of helping people make choices about what makes them happy and help them determine their "must-haves," "don't-wants" and their "likes" in the most sacred place in their life; their home, and the community that they live in.  I am in the business of guiding people through all types of life-changing events from those building a relationship in a new home together, those who are looking to go their separate ways, those are doing this on their own and those who are aiding a loved one in moving on with their plans.  In every move there is always baggage, both physical and psychological baggage that either needs to be unpacked or thrown out.  There will always be questions like "Will this house be BIG enough for all our stuff?" "Will my son like this new neighborhood and the make friends is his new school?" "Will I be able to deal with this new commute and time and money it takes to get to work?" "Will I be able to make my mortgage payments every month and what happens if I loose my job?" to name a few.  

I am that person that helps you unload the baggage and fears involved in the moving process, helps you focus on what makes you happy (and anyone else that is moving with you happy) and supports you unconditionally in making sure that your next move is the best move of your life! 

Out of this incredible experience I realize now more than ever that I want nothing more than to become a homeowner! The best part of my job is that while helping you achieve your dreams, I am simultaneously achieving my own.  It would be an honor for me to support you creating this as a possibility for you or someone you know.  I pride myself on becoming an expert in moving and everyday figuring out which "bags" to unpack and which to get rid of so that I can continue on my journey of owning my home and owning my happiness!

Gratefully your friend and International Realtor For Life!

Erica Rose Siegel 


For information about how I can help you or anyone you know planning a move anywhere in the US or Canada, please contact me at 718.809.7808 or 


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