Adventures in Door Knocking - Chapter 10

Do you set an intention every morning? What does this mean and can this affect your business and your life?

Adventures in Door Knocking

Chapter 10

Wednesday 10/12/11

50 doors knocked   19 people qualified   17 business cards handed out    

1 hour 22 minutes

When coaching with Erica Nasby yesterday, we discussed the importance of setting intentions.  Setting an intention means to ask yourself “What do you want to accomplish as a result of an activity, a conversation or at the end of your day that would help you get to your goals?” Before going out door knocking this morning, I set the intention of finding movers. (I realized a few weeks later, this intention was not specific enough.  You will read in a future chapter, that on Thanksgiving weekend, I set a different intention; I have found people that have to move in the next 12 months and I have become their agent.  This made quite a difference. I will be setting this intention everyday.)

I realize many of you might be thinking that this is obviously my goal and why is it necessary to set intentions? Well, as you may have read in my various chapters, there ARE quite a few “Adventures in Door Knocking” and I am meeting A LOT of great people while doing this.  My purpose, however is not just to meet people, it is to find the people that have to move in the next 12 months and help them.  I am very proud of what I have accomplished and the habit I am developing going to the doors.  This type of prospecting takes an enormous amount of commitment and most agents are not willing to do this or any type of consistent real estate prospecting.  By setting intentions and thinking about them EVERY DAY, I will arrive at my goals A LOT faster and learn to eliminate and/or avoid some of the challenges that get in my way. 

Now back to my morning… The very 1st door I knocked, I found a mover! A woman renting with her family is looking to buy a home in Plainview. Those intentions work! (I’m working on getting on a more sold time frame and verifying her qualifications and motivations, so I can determine when would be the best time to help her.)

A few other interesting parts of my morning include; A guy working for a moving company told me he liked my approach and asked for a business card.  I walked up 3 flights of stairs through an apartment whose hallway was under major renovation and qualified a woman who was not moving.  A few minutes later, she yelled thru her window when I was down the block and asked: “Hey Erica! Do you work in Hempstead? I have a son and daughter-in-law who just had a baby and they might be looking to move.  Can you help?” I responded, “Of course! Remember what I told you, we have a team throughout the US & Canada and we speak over 30 languages.  I would be happy to help your family!” I was grateful for her verbal advertising thru her window and down the block. 


Sunday 10/16/11

17 doors knocked    5 people qualified    5 business cards handed out   

31 minutes

This evening I resumed my door knocking.  I committed to 4 days per week and 14 people per day and well a few things that required my intention and so Sunday night at 7pm was when I resumed.  Within minutes I found my first mover, a husband and wife wanting to move NJ to rent.  The wife was very impressed that we covered such a large territory.  She started sharing lots of information about the neighborhood, who moved in, who moved out, what prices they sold for etc.  I thanked her for her time and asked to call me when she was ready and told her I needed to head to my next appointment, (my next door). 

My evening continued with a guy yelling at me and cursing me out, followed by someone slamming the door in my face.  The guy who screamed at me was actually walking on the street and eventually sat on the ground, right outside a store and not too far from my car.  I don’t think he was well.  He kept staring at me and made me feel uncomfortable and I decided to head home.  Negative energy, in this case fear produces negative results and I was not interested in negative results at the doors, I felt this was the best decision.  Interestingly enough, on the way back to my car, I met a woman whose mom is looking to buy a home in Bellerose.  We exchanged information as well. 

Keep in mind, I did not set out the same intention on the 16th as I did on the 12th.  As a matter of fact I was little disappointed that I was playing catch up with my prospecting and having some regret of not sticking to the habit of my consistent 4 days per week.  I found this article featured in when I googled setting intentions and thought you might find it helpful:  Marcia Wieder, an American Dreams Coach, wrote it.  Please feel free to comment with your own and intend to have a great day!


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Erica Rose Siegel, CBR, EXIT Kingdom Realty takes pride in ensuring the people she works with are the most educated buyers and/or sellers on the market.  Erica gathers a genuine understanding of her customers and clients needs, customizes a plan to meet their specific goals and time frame, then utilizes her impeccable negotiation skills to get her clients the best possible price under the best terms and conditions. 

Erica' s Siegel is a knowledgeable, trustworthy, dedicated, thoroughly trained, highly recommended REALTOR, who always maintains her ethical integrity and develops lifelong referrals and incredible relationships with the people she works with. Erica Rose Siegel works with a team of extremely productive Real Estate professionals and loves her job!

Erica Rose is passionate about raising funds & awareness to find a cure for cancer.  She recently completed her first marathon with the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society & raised over $8,000 for this incredible cause.

If you are thinking about moving, Erica would love to the opportunity to speak with you! She can be reached at 718 809 7808 or at

Exit Kingdom Realty - Forest Hills, NY on November 28, 2011 at 09:48am
Is your agent this active?
Erica Rose Siegel on November 29, 2011 at 11:31pm
I sure am THIS ACTIVE.... As a matter of fact I'm having an agent from a different office shadow me for a few days, as per Erica Nasby's request. Feel free to call me & I would be happy to set up an appointment to have you join me... =) Thanks for reading Exit Kingdom Realty - Forest Hills, NY!
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