Adventures in Door Knocking - Chapter 5

“Erica, you are relentless!” These words could not have rung truer this week as I restructured my schedule to door knock in the evenings so I could utilize my office computer during the day.  My computer is suffering from a “severe cold.” While the computer doctor is diagnosing her and determining what type of surgery she might need, I certainly cannot give up on my door knocking. This is my pipeline.  Read, comment and pass along to a friend or family member.  Share on your facebook wall too.  Oh and comments, suggestions, questions, feedback.  I would love to hear from you! Thank you!

Adventures in Door Knocking

Chapter 5

Monday 9/26/11

28 doors knocked    16 people qualified    13 business cards handed out     1 hr 8 minutes

I door knocked in the evening today.  I had a little trouble remembering to say “Good evening!” instead of “Good morning!” since I’m used the morning shift and apparently have memorized my script verbatim, but only a few people noticed, thank goodness.  I had some very interesting responses tonight.

One guy said: “You are a very hard worker and must be very successful!”  I thanked him for the compliment as he eagerly took my card.  Another girl said: “Hey, I remember you! You had dinner where I work last night and I heard you on the phone.  You sounded very professional and knowledgeable.” She then shared with me that her parents are going through a divorce and are not able to sell their home for two years, but would be happy to pass along my card.  One of the last people I qualified for the evening was a guy who answered all of my questions and took a business card, despite the distraction of a plane and a train passing at the exact same time.  I’m not sure if I could live with that noise every day, especially with how much I like to talk.  But hey, I don’t live there and I am sure when he is ready, Erica Rose Siegel will get the call. 


Tuesday 9/27/11

29 doors knocked    15 people qualified    13 business cards handed out    1 hour

If you are paying attention, you will notice that I was qualifying one person at every other door.  Great stats! I door knocked at night again.  In all honesty, door knocking at night is a much faster way to meet your contacts.  Keep in mind, people might answer the door asking things like: “Do you realize I am eating dinner?” or “Isn’t it a bit late for you to be doing this?’ You responses can be something like: “Don’t worry, I will only be a minute.’ or “What are we having for dinner?” If you make people laugh, they will feel more comfortable and might be more willing to open up to you.  For the comment about it being late, you can respond by asking: “I wanted to make sure I would catch you and I figured if I came during the day, you might be at work, right? Great! Then I am glad I am here now. “ Then go right into the script.

Even though you certainly find more people at home at night, I’ve personally found it more difficult for me to be consistent about door knocking in the evening.  Something comes up, like an appointment, or I am tired, or I had a stressful day and then I carry my stresses to the doors and well like attracts like.  So if you bring bad energy with you to the doors then you will get a bad response.  No leads, mean people, doors slammed etc.  It has happened and I still went back for more because as many people have said, “Erica, you are relentless!” Ain’t the truth? I’ve just learned that I work best when I prospect in the morning.  It makes me feel good, I feel accomplished when I am done and since I start at around 10am, Monday through the Thursday, as long as I have a clear head space right before I get to the doors, I have a productive session. 

For now, I am signing off so I can have a productive sleep session.  I’ve got some doors to knock in the morning.  People are moving and they need my help.  Sweet dreams!


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Erica Rose Siegel

Erica Rose Siegel, CBR, EXIT Kingdom Realty takes pride in ensuring the people she works with are the most educated buyers and/or sellers on the market.  Erica gathers a genuine understanding of her customers and clients needs, customizes a plan to meet their specific goals and time frame, then utilizes her impeccable negotiation skills to get her clients the best possible price under the best terms and conditions. 

Erica' s Siegel is a knowledgeable, trustworthy, dedicated, thoroughly trained, highly recommended REALTOR, who always maintains her ethical integrity and develops lifelong referrals and incredible relationships with the people she works with. Erica Rose Siegel works with a team of extremely productive Real Estate professionals and loves her job!

Erica Rose is passionate about raising funds & awareness to find a cure for cancer.  She recently completed her first marathon with the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society & raised over $8,000 for this incredible cause.

If you are thinking about moving, Erica would love to the opportunity to speak with you! She can be reached at 718 809 7808 or at

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