Adventures in Door Knocking - Chapter 4

This blog goes out to all the renters and Chinese or Korean speaking real estate agents.  We want YOU! Of course everyone else, I love your feedback or questions as well.  Happy Reading!

Adventures in Door Knocking

Chapter 4

Wednesday 9/20/11

73 doors knocked    17 people qualified    17 business cards handed out     1 hr 45 minutes

Did I really knock on 73 doors this morning? You bet I did! Keep in mind when door knocking, I count every door I knock or bell I ring.   I even go to the side door and the back doors sometimes if I think they are home and  either can’t hear me or maybe don’t feel like answering or as in the case of today, if they are in the shower.  Yes, I qualified a guy in a towel, who was in the shower.  I honestly did not hear the water because if I did I would have come back.  It isn’t easy asking the five qualifying questions when someone in standing their soaking wet in a towel, but I did.  He opened the door and he could have closed it if he wasn’t interested in what I had to say, but clearly he was because he asked for my card.  He wasn’t moving, but I bet that will be another referral in the future and a very funny story.

I met a lot of renters today.  Something I find very interesting with people renting is that they usually respond by telling me that they are not the owner.  For which I confirm that they do in fact live in the house and then proceed with my questions.  Keep in mind the goal of door knocking is not to find exclusively homeowners.  The goal is to find people that plan to move in the next twelve months and when I do, I go to work for them making them the most informed buyers or sellers on the market.  Often, renters turn into buyers since when they realize the amount of money that they are paying in rent is often times equal or more than a mortgage, especially with mortgage rates below 4% this week.  This is the lowest ever! So, the next time someone tells you they are renting, ask them “When are you planning on buying?” Go and educate them why they should seriously consider doing this NOW and if they absolutely do not have the funds to do so, ask them who they know that does and could benefit from these incredibly low rates.  They will thank you later.  Trust me!  About half the people I met today were renters and now they all have my card on their fridges, in the wallets or on their tables and I’m going to be the person that they call when they are ready.  Just wait!


Thursday 9/22/11

59 doors knocked    14 people qualified    14 business cards handed out    1 hour 3 minutes

My morning started off by me knocking 13 doors in a row and not a single person home.  Some people might have given up after that.  Not me, I knew I had to make up some time in order for me to meet my target number of 14 contacts per day, so I started door knocking people on the street.  The first guy I spoke with has a girlfriend who parents are selling their apartment in Queens and buying a house in Queens as well.  He gave me both his and his girlfriends contact info.  I called a few days later so that he could have a chance to tell her I would be calling.  I found it kind of interesting that he neglected to tell me that her parents do not speak any English and actually only speak Chinese, well Cantonese to be exact.  Luckily, I work with a team at Exit Kingdom Realty that speaks over 30 languages so I referred her to one of my colleagues, Linda Chen, who is in the process of setting up an appointment with the parents.   

Queens really is quite a diverse neighborhood.  I came across handful of other people that either spoke only Chinese or Korean.  Again, this is where the Chinese or Korean agents who would like to learn how to door knock would be very helpful.  Call me! I can train you! There are a lot of people buying and selling that only speak Chinese, Korean, Russian or Spanish and being bilingual is a huge asset in Real Estate.  I was able to practice my Spanish again, when I door knocked two landscapers.  It is so amazing to watch the look on people’s faces when I start to speak with them in Spanish, since they are not expecting me to able to communicate with them.  It is so satisfying to know that I can and will be so rewarding when I help them with their move.

About The Author


 Erica Rose Siegel

 Erica Rose Siegel, CBR, EXIT Kingdom Realty takes pride in ensuring the people she works with are the most educated buyers and/or sellers on the market.  Erica gathers a genuine understanding of her customers and clients needs, customizes a plan to meet their specific goals and time frame, then utilizes her impeccable negotiation skills to get her clients the best possible price under the best terms and conditions. 

Erica' s Siegel is a knowledgeable, trustworthy, dedicated, thoroughly trained, highly recommended REALTOR, who always maintains her ethical integrity and develops lifelong referrals and incredible relationships with the people she works with. Erica Rose Siegel works with a team of extremely productive Real Estate professionals and loves her job!

Erica Rose is passionate about raising funds & awareness to find a cure for cancer.  She recently completed her first marathon with the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society & raised over $8,000 for this incredible cause.

If you are thinking about moving, Erica would love to the opportunity to speak with you! She can be reached at 718 809 7808 or at


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