Adventures in Door Knocking - Introduction & Chapter 1

Adventures in Door Knocking


Growing up, I remember hearing about a series called Adventures in Babysitting.  There was a movie made as well.  Thinking back, the idea seems pretty fascinating: take a concept that most people do not find very exciting and share your adventures.  Both the books and the movie, took something kind of ordinary, most people don’t really look forward to doing and shared how interesting a day in the life of a babysitter could be.  I decided to do just that; take a concept that most Real Estate agents do not like to do, many actually dread; Door Knocking and share some of my experiences in a blog format. 

For those of you that are not familiar; Door Knocking is a way of prospecting, or finding leads.  I am currently being coached by the world’s most successful Door Knocker, Bill Nasby and his daughter, Erica Nasby.  I literally go door to door in an area, qualifying people, finding those people that plan to move in the next 12 months and go to work for them, making them the most informed buyer and/or seller on the market.  You will learn more about the process as you read my blog and how helpful and rewarding this process is for me and my clients. 

Keep in mind; this is my first time blogging, and I’m writing in a very friendly, not formal manner since my plan is build friendships and relationships from this blog.  I am here to share, to educate, to inspire and to learn.  If you have any feedback or questions, I would love to hear them. Please keep it honest and professional as Real Estate is my career and I appreciate you respecting that.  I have also changed the names and some of the details so as to keep peoples information confidential.  Without further a due, let the Adventures in Door Knocking, begin. 

Chapter 1

Monday 9/12/11

42 doors knocked    16 people qualified    12 business cards handed out     1 hour 15 minutes

Overall people were relatively friendly today.  It was my first day tallying how many doors I actually knocked, and I’m glad I did it.  Ordinarily, I just use a map and keep track of the streets.   I also made sure that once I was done qualifying each of the leads that I ended with the following: “My name is Erica (shake their hand) and may I ask your name? I respect, Allison that you are (or are not) moving, but who do you know that might need my help? I am a REALTOR and I pride myself on making people the most educated buyers and/or sellers on the market and I really would appreciate your referral. (Pause).  A family member? A fiend? A neighbor? A co-worker? A client? A doctor? Would it be ok, Allison, if I gave you my card and can I count on you to try and think of who you might know that I could help? I have a team throughout the United States and Canada.  Thank you, Allison.  I really do appreciate your time and your referrals!  It was a pleasure meeting you and I look forward to hearing from you and seeing you in the neighborhood.”  Well, it worked.  Here is my first success story this week:

A man named Al told me his neighbor, John plans to move.  John owns a house in Maryland, which his family has been vacationing to for years and Al’s family has been joining them the past several years.  John is retired and his wife will be retiring this year and they would like to move permanently to Maryland and play golf every day.  Al, asked me to keep the information confidential, so of course I did.  I’ve been to the house twice but no one has been home yet.  I’ll be back and I WILL help them move. I sent Al a thank you card for the confidential referral and a discount coupon to Lowe’s in case they decide to do any home renovations.  I also let him know that when his kids graduate from high school, I would love the opportunity to help him move into a house right next door to his friend John. 

Tuesday 9/13/11

39 doors knocked    13 people qualified    10 business cards handed out    1 hour 30 minutes

My target number of leads is 14 per day and 4 times per week.  Today I only did 13.  I actually got started about 40 minutes late today.  I decided to take a few phone calls before heading out the door and well the next thing I know, I am wrapped up in handling questions, concerns and responding reactively instead of proactively.  I handled the tasks but I felt a little guilty about it because I made a commitment to myself and to my business to effectively and consistently prospect 4 days per week at the doors.  I owe it to myself to be in there and on time so that I could find the buyers and the sellers that need my help and make “marriages.”  I’ve got a database of people who at one time or another expressed an interest in moving , many who have not found the perfect home or the right buyer and when I’m out there finding movers, I am connecting these people.  While I was door knocking, I was thinking a little about the things that now required my attention and so I learned my lesson; prospecting first, follow up later.  Plus I have a team so if it’s super important, I am sure someone else can help.  I did meet a pretty wonderful woman while door knocking and certainly gave me some inspiration.

This morning I met Melissa.  This was actually the second time I saw her.  Apparently I did not label my map very well and I doo knocked her just last week.  She remembered me and I of course immediately remembered her.  She was wearing a house coat, similar to what my grandma used to wear before she passed away.  She was maybe in her 70’s and she had a cap covering her head.  The first time we spoke she told me she wasn’t moving but she did let me know that there were 3 other homes in the area that were for sale and when I asked where and why they were moving she told me each of them died and she would eventually too and closed the door.  Thank goodness I came back.  Of course I apologized for marking my map wrong, told her that I did not mean to bother her, I was just out looking for work and she forgave me.  She then shared with me that this was her third time battling cancer; she had breast cancer and now bone cancer.  She took off her cap and her head was bare.  I shook her hand, let her how beautiful she was and congratulated her on being such a fighter. I told her that I was so glad I came back and would love to wear a ribbon in her honor when I do my next marathon for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.  She was curious about the marathon and I told her I would send her some info.  That day, I mailed her a card and let her know what a pleasure it was to meet her that I could hardly wait to tell about crossing the finish line for my next race and to please keep in touch with her progress. 

Stay tuned for the next chapter of Adventures in Door Knocking with Erica Rose Siegel!

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Erica Rose Siegel, CBR, EXIT Kingdom Realty takes pride in ensuring the people she works with are the most educated buyers and/or sellers on the market.  Erica gathers a genuine understanding of her customers and clients needs, customizes a plan to meet their specific goals and time frame, then utilizes her impeccable negotiation skills to get her clients the best possible price under the best terms and conditions.  Erica' s Siegel is a knowledgeable, trustworthy, dedicated, thoroughly trained, highly recommended REALTOR, who always maintains her ethical integrity and develops lifelong referrals and incredible relationships with the people she works with. Erica Rose Siegel works with a team of extremely productive Real Estate professionals and loves her job!


Erica Rose is passionate about raising funds & awareness to find a cure for cancer.  She recently completed her first marathon with the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society & raised over $8,000 for this incredible cause.


If you are thinking about moving, Erica would love to the opportunity to speak with you! She can be reached at 718 809 7808 or at

Vincent Koo on September 17, 2011 at 12:59pm
Sounds like this could be interesting. Sellers and Buyers would be lucky to have a proactive, productive agent like Erica.
Daniel Siegel on September 18, 2011 at 06:22am
Soooooooo proud of my little girl! Keep doing what you are doing and you will reach all your goals!
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